Best Alternative For Facebook Apps For Android

Best Alternative For Facebook Apps For Android

Facebook is the most popular social media site and application on planet Earth. It has almost billions of registered users, most of which are active on almost a daily basis. Unfortunately, the official Facebook app is a data using, resource-hogging, battery draining catastrophe of an app that a lot of people don’t want. It consumes lots of Space. So you can use some alternatives Of Facebook app on Android to access your account.

There are lots of alternatives to Facebook apps that you can use on your android phone. you can access Facebook through browser or you can also use applications for using the application. So here We came up with lots of Alternative For a Facebook app that you can use instead of a browser, there are alternatives that consume less space and Cpu.

So Here Comes the list Of Some Facebook app alternatives

  • Facebook Lite
  • Simple for Facebook
  • Faster for Facebook Lite
  • Phonix Facebook
  • Friendly for Facebook

Facebook lite

Facebook lite is one of the Alternatives of the Facebook app that you can install on your android phone and use it without any worry. people who use fewer configuration devices then this device is best for them, Facebook lite does not consume much battery or space on any android phone. Facebook also makes Facebook Lite. It’s a super light, simple, and surprisingly good alternative to its larger, battery swilling sibling. this application is totally free.

Faster For Facebook Lite

Faster for Facebook Lite is one of the newer Facebook apps that you can easily install from your play store. It uses the lighter and less resource-intensive Facebook Lite as its template instead of the usual Facebook. The app includes Facebook and Facebook Messenger support, You can purchase some features in it or you can also use it free. The premium version goes for $2.99 and that’s a perfectly reasonable price for it. It’s better than most.

Friendly for Facebook

Friendly for Facebook is also a lighter alternative of the orginal application facebook that you can use at free or you can use it paid. The News Feed customization allows you to filter out things like keywords. That’s a great way to get rid of nonsense you don’t want to see. The premium features fo for 2.99$ and above.

Phoenix Facebook

phoenix is one of the best alternatives of Facebook that you can use as it does not drain battery life or consume much of your mobile data or your phone SPace. the application is too smooth and you can use it without any cost on any android device. ou can do almost all of the same stuff as the official app and the Messenger section works with things like voice calls and chats heads. You also get a few extra functions not available in the Facebook app.

Simple for Facebook

Simple for Facebook is the same as other alternatives of the Facebook app that you can use for chatting, uploading images and videos. It’s a simple web-wrapper for the Facebook mobile site. It includes all of the basic features. That includes interacting with posts, uploading photos and videos, and all of that. It also boasts support for Facebook Messenger. As I said the application is smooth but the free version contains ads but if you want to use ad-free you can use it by purchasing a premium plan that costs you almost 2.50$


These are some of the Alternatives of Facebook application that you can use if you have a low configuration device or your device cannot handle the load of the original Facebook application. these are the best alternatives that you can use for Smooth accessing of Facebook account on your Smartphone


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