Best Free & Paid iPhone Apps List [2020]

Best Free & Paid iPhone Apps

If you got an iPhone and don’t know what to install and which application is useful for your iPhone, here you will get all the important details regarding the best free and paid application that you can use on your iPhone and take benefits.

We covered a lot of applications that may help you. Our selection of apps covers everything from social media to photography to security, so you’re guaranteed to find something interesting no matter which apps you prefer.

There are lots of Application in the market that you can install on your phone, But we are gonna suggest You some useful free and paid application especially for iPhone Users. Some of these apps are also useful for android too. Heres the list of best free and paid application for iPhone Users

List Of free and paid Application

Free Apps for iPhone USers

  • Google Maps
  • Feedly
  • Kindle

Paid Application Of iPhone Users

  • Tweetbot
  • Darksky
  • Things

Free apps for iPhone

these are some free apps for iPhone users starting from Google maps

Google Maps

Even hardcore Apple fans admit that Apple Maps is far from perfect. If you often use your iPhone as your GPS while driving, biking, or walking, you need Google Maps. google map is used all over 220 countries and territories mapped and there are hundreds of millions of businesses and places on the map.

Google Maps is by far the best navigation app in the App Store today, this application is totally free to go anywhere you want without even asking anyone. google maps help you go anywhere, you just have insert the destination in google maps and the application will provide you all the directions.


Feedly is a smart RSS reader that collects millions of stories every day, this application helps you to get ahead on any subject. The reader knows which articles are trending at the moment, so it’s easy to read the most important content first and leave the rest for later. You can integrate Feedly with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest, and other social platforms. then you can easily share the Articles or content you got to your teammates.


Amazon’s eBook readers need no introduction. With the Kindle app for iOS, you can read all your Kindle eBooks everywhere you go. The app offers a customizable reading experience, allowing you to change the font style and size and color of fonts, you can also adjust screen brightness and page color, and more. there’s also of interesting things in kinder. if you will use it you will get everything you wanted the knowledge about ebooks.

Paid Applications For iPhone USers


he official Twitter client for iOS isn’t horrible, but there is no application that is near as good as Tweetbot, which lets you enjoy animated GIFs, create and use Twitter Lists as multiple timelines, you can switch to an optimized dark theme for OLED displays, or can hide tweets in your timelines by users, keywords, hashtags, or even the client that published the tweet. The application is amazing and it will cost you around 4.99$. you can purchase it on your iPhone app store.


there are lots of free weather apps available in the App Store, you’re probably thinking why you should spend any money on a paid weather app like Darksky. There are many reasons why actually. Darksky is able to create minute-by-minute forecasts for your precise location. It also features perfectly smooth weather animations that make it clear what the weather situation is like at a glance. the application also gives notification for next hours, how’s the weather going be in next hours. so the application is amazing. You can purchase it anytime.


Life is full of responsibilities, and it’s essential to manage them as efficiently as possible. Things are one of the best apps for iOS devices, and it can be yours for just $9.99. This app allows you to create a project for each of your goals, You can remember things you want to do in the next hours or you have planned anything in weeks.

These are some of the free and paid applications that you can use to benefit yourself. These applications are amazing for Ios users If you have any queries please comment down.


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