How To Create And Delete WhatsApp Groups

Whatsapp, the most famous social media platform. It has tons of users each with different demands and different necessities. Somehow, WhatsApp is such a unique invention that fits everyone’s needs. It is an amazing user-friendly app. Easy to use,

no complications at all and becomes handy from time to time. Whatsapp has quite a several features, designed and modified especially for their users. For the past 10 years, WhatsApp has been an evergreen messenger platform. It has over a billion active users.

There are various reasons why WhatsApp has been quite popular in this short amount of time. First of all, let’s look at the reasons why WhatsApp has been so popular. Here I have listed 5 reasons that have made WhatsApp so popular.

  1. It provides end to end security encryption. No one can peep into your conversation or try to hack your WhatsApp account. 
  2. You can create a group chat that consists of up to 50 people. Any group plans have become such ease because of WhatsApp group chats.
  3. Blocking feature. If you are annoyed by random spam messages, blocking can act like a warrior for you.
  4. No advertisements. Without ads, it is so convenient to use WhatsApp.
  5. Audio and video calls. Whatsapp provides audio and video calls at zero cost. Isn’t it a great thing?

In this article, we will specifically talk about the group chat feature of WhatsApp. What are WhatsApp groups? How can it help you and how you can create or delete it?

Whatsapp Groups

How To Create And Delete WhatsApp Groups

Suppose your boss has assigned you for an urgent meeting tomorrow. It’s 11 p.m. and you are wondering how to inform your teammates about your urgent meeting tomorrow. Here comes the feature of WhatsApp groups A few years ago,

WhatsApp came up with this feature of WhatsApp groups. This feature was of great help for organizations, companies, and various institutions as it made communication a lot easier. Rather than waiting for emails and letters, this feature made communication as easy as having a piece of cake.

Whatsapp groups cut down the hassle of miscommunication and everyone knows about the main topic in no time. Even when we plan group outings, WhatsApp groups should be a must. It’s easy and really helpful. So let’s see how one can form a WhatsApp group. 

How To Create WhatsApp Group 

You might be thinking that creating a group can be a task of havoc, as you gather people, ask for their permission and then add them into your group. But wait! Creating a group in WhatsApp is much easier than this lengthy process. What all you need to do is, select the persons whom you want to add in your WhatsApp group. Here are a few steps that will assist you to create a WhatsApp group.

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. On the right upmost Corner of your WhatsApp, click on the three dots.
  3. Click on the ‘New Group’.
  4. A new page appears where there are all your contacts. Select the participants who you want to add to your group. 
  5. Click on enter
  6. Add a suitable photo and give a suitable subject name for your group.

And there you have your new WhatsApp group share your chats, media, group discussions, all in one place. Isn’t it an interesting thing? Whatsapp has made everything so much easy and convenient just for its users.

How To Delete WhatsApp Group

Let’s suppose a have made a WhatsApp group for your school exhibition. The exhibition went well. A few days later you see that your friends are wasting theirs by sending useless photos and messages in the group chat. You tried to stop and warn them quite a few times but they didn’t want to listen to you.

You are worried about this situation, in this case deleting a WhatsApp group will help you. Whatsapp groups are useful but anyone can misuse them just like what we saw in the above situation. For even situations like these, WhatsApp has a solution. It makes you delete the WhatsApp group. Here are the few steps by which you can delete the Whatsapp groups.

  1. Open the group chat that you want to delete.
  2. Click on the three dots on the right topmost corner of the chat.
  3. Scroll down and you will find the option of exit group.
  4. Click on exit group
  5. From now on you won’t receive any messages from the group nor would be able to send any messages.
  6. Now press back
  7. Select the chat
  8. Click on the small bin icon on the top of your screen and there you are done.      

You saw how easy it was to delete a WhatsApp group. 

So, from this article, you know the basics of the WhatsApp group. You can use it anyhow you like. The above-mentioned steps will make your task even easier. 

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