How To Delete Telegram Account [Step by Step Guide]

In this modern paced world, technology has played a vital role in the lives of the people.

Social media is ruling the human world. What is trending can be found out with a click of a button? Tech- world has somewhere replaced reality with a different space. This different space is nothing but virtual world. People get up in the morning and the first thing they do is to glance at the phone. It has become a huge necessity to develop apps which are simple and reliable.

Telegram is an application of social media. This is not a popular app used by common people to celebrities to sportsperson to army people. This app is simple and reliable. The application is developed in a systematic manner. With ease, users can get used to the app with little focus and effort. Trending news and stuff like entertainment, comics, humor ,movies,sports and other options as per interest, users can send in the search box.

Telegram is based on cloud instant messaging and voice over internet protocol service. It is available for Android, iOS, Windows phone, Windows NT, macos and Linux.

This application is not a very popular. This app is mostly used by youngsters. This app provide a unique feature- ‘SECRET CHAT’. This feature makes this app to stand out.

With the help of this application, users can send messages and photos, sticker’s, audio, videos and files of any size. It is available in many languages – English, Spanish, German, Dutch and many other languages.

How To Delete Telegram Account

Delete Telegram Account

In order to delete your account, users need to follow a procedure.

The procedure is as followed.

  1. Enter the registered mobile number for the same account which has to be deleted. Make sure to enter the country code accurately.
  2. A text message will be received containing verification code. Users will receive the text message in the registered mobile number of the same account. Make sure to accurately type the code.
  3. Type the code in the box or ‘copy the code’ and paste it in the box.

Press the button to proceed further.

  1. A page will open up. Follow the instructions properly.
  2. Press on the option- deactivate account. And don’t close the page or leave the page. Wait until a new page wi open.
  3. A new page will open for confirmation. Follow the instructions properly without fail.
  4. Remember, if you delete your account, you will not be able to retrieve the messages, images and contacts.
  5. Tap on done button. And users may leave the page and close the app.
  6. You may enter a reason for leaving the application permanently. You may choose from the provided options. This is completely voluntary task. Users may not leave any feedback if they don’t feel to give any feedback.
  7. Your account is successfully deleted if the above steps are followed scrutinizingly. This application is working but to access the application again either users have to login or create a new account. They share the account and share the details of the app with close ones or those who are in search of this kind of app.

The final task is to remove the application from the installed device. Locate the application and then hold it for a second and then drag the app to the top position where an uninstall option pop out.

Press ‘ok’ if you have not changed your mind to delete the application. You may press cancel if you have changed your mind.

If you have deactivated your account following the above steps and later wish to use the same account again. Remember, you can use and access the same deactivated account within 10-14 days only. After this stipulated time period, you have to create a new account on this application.

Create a new account or login if you have already made an account.

For creating a new account, make sure you have an email address with password verified and mobile phone number. Users using this application must be 18+ or above.

Read the terms and conditions beforehand acceptance. While posting any post, be courteous and use proper language. Avoid using slang words. Be lingual. Users must have a good command over the language they are using to express their thoughts. Users can use abbreviation in secret chat.

Secret chat is a special feature which makes this app stand out compared to other applications available. This feature has another feature- self destruct timer. Using this feature, users can set a time after which the sended and received messages will automatically get deleted and the chat will no longer exist after the time period is over.

There is a no specific word limit to post.

Be precise and concise and avoid long sentences if possible. Don’t write long paragraphs. Don’t exaggerate. Be to the point. Don’t post unmeaning texts. Be meaningful. Don’t go into details. Avoid unnecessary punctuations. Use emoji in informal text’s. This application provides the scope to the users to send stickers.

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