Top 5 Best Facebook Tricks 2020

Facebook Tricks

Facebook has been one of the most used social media platforms. While we meet with someone, knowing that a person becomes a second priority but adding them to your Facebook friend list still acts as an utmost priority. Facebook helps us to kill our leisure time.

It is an escape from our daily work, social media where we can just chill and relax. But, have you ever thought what more is Facebook rather than just sharing photos and having long-lasting conversations. Here in this article, I will tell you about 5 amazing facebook tricks that you might not know. 

Facebook Tricks

Trick 1: Changing the display language into ‘Pirate’

Everyone wants too little more creative with their Facebook profile. Why not do something out of the box? Let’s try changing the display language into ‘Pirate’. Most probably you’ll think that is it possible to do so? Yes, Facebook has the option to change your display language into pirate. It will not only attract a wide audience but also make your Facebook profile look way more interesting. So let’s see how we should do it. 

  1. Go to settings
  2. Search for language
  3. Turn it into ‘Pirate’
  4. And Voila!! There you go.

As soon as you will change it into pirate, you will see some changes happening automatically. 

Trick 2: Make your posts look fancier

Everyone wants a perfect feed on their timeline. For this cool caption is a must. But is coming up with a cool caption is enough? Of course not, why not make it look fancier. Coming up with great font will not only make your posts look nice but also give the attention to your profile for which you are craving for. Here are some steps to make your posts look fancier. 

  1. Try using cool fancy text generator
  2. When you will visit this site, you will see a box where you can write your text. 
  3. As soon as you add your text, it will show quite a good number of options with fancy fonts.
  4. Pick up whichever you like the most. 
  5. And yes, there you go for a cool post with a fancy caption. 

Trick 3: Syncing your phone and facebook calendar

Google calendar has been a matter of great importance in our lives. Our assignments, important dates, events all are managed by google or phone calendar only. When we talk about the Facebook calendar,

it reminds you of the birthdays of your loved ones and even tells you the events taking place nearby. So why don’t we combine both the calenders? You might be thinking how to do so, so here are a few basic steps to merge your google calendar with the Facebook one.

  1. Go to events in your Facebook profile.
  2. Choose the upcoming tab and then click on the options tab
  3. Then select the export event option.
  4. After copying the link move to your google calendar or phone calendar.
  5. On the left-hand tab, you will discover an option of ‘add by URL’.
  6. There paste the link that you have copied.

Hurrah! Now your Facebook calendar is synced with your google calendar. Isn’t it a great trick?

Trick 4: Stumping everyone with a blank comment

We all love to play around with our friends. Fortunately, Facebook provides a unique way to play around with your friends and colleagues. When anyone posts a status or a photo, why not leave a blank comment. This may sound weird and illogical but yes, it is possible. Let’s see how you can post a blank comment. Here are a few steps.

  1. Go to the comment section of the post where you want to leave a blank comment.
  2. Select Alt on your keyboard and while selecting Alt, type ‘0173’.
  3. Release all the buttons and press enter.

And there you go, there lies the blank comment on that post. It will leave everyone stunned about how you did it. You will become a charm all of a sudden. Everyone will be eager to know how you did that. And there lies the buzz. Do give it a try. You will surely like it.

Trick 5: Choosing who see you online while chatting

We all love chatting on Facebook with our friends. But sometimes we want our privacy and don’t want specific people to know whether we are online or not. By default, anyone can see who is online or not but Facebook provides a special feature in which we can control who can see us online.

Many people eagerly want to know this way just to escape from unwanted conversations. So there I have a few steps that can assist you to do this work.

  1. Go to settings gear on the small chat window on your screen.
  2. Click on advanced settings.
  3. there you will see who can see you online on chat.
  4. Modify the names as per your wish.

And there you can control who can see you online or not.

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