How To Compress Large Size Videos in Best Quality

How to compress large Size videos

Finding a way to compress large size videos, then you came to the right place, may this article can help you to know how you can compress any videos to small size. There are lots of ways and methods to do that.

In this age of HD and 4K, videos seem to keep getting bigger, but our hard drives and Internet bandwidth don’t always follow suit. Whether you’re ripping your Blu-ray collection to an external hard drive. If you want to send the same quality videos by Compressing its size then you can take a little help of Handbrake, which helps you to compress your bigger files in less time and then you can send it to anytime with the same quality.

How does video compression work?

video Compression works in a normal way. we just upload our video and we have to select in which quality or pixels we want to compress our big file. then it will start compressing the videos and will finish it in a few minutes. There are lots of benefit of video Compression software.

Sometimes you cannot upload bigger size videos online. So you need to compress that file So you can easily upload that file. You’ll need to experiment with compression settings and methods to figure out which balance of quality and file size works best for you. Compressed video won’t ever look quite as good or detailed as the uncompressed original. But with the right settings, it’ll look close enough that you’ll be hard-pressed to tell the difference with the original.

How to get started with HandBrake

there is nothing difficult to do with Handbrake, Simple you just need to install the application, So if you really don’t know here are some steps that you can follow to compress your video files.

Step 1 – Firstly you need to download the application called handbrake, you can search the application on Google and after downloading you have to install the application.

Step – 2 After installing the Handbrake software you need to open the Software in your pc then just select your video file from your computer that you want to compress or you can directly drag that video file into the timeline of Handbrake.

Step 3 – Then all you need to do is find the format of compress video. HandBrake can open just about any video format you’ve got, but it will only save compressed files in two formats: MP4 or MKV

MP4 files play nicely with iTunes and QuickTime, so anyone with a Mac can view them without any additional software. But if your video involves subtitles transferred over from a DVD or Blu-ray, HandBrake can only support one subtitle track.

Step 4 – Then you just need to choose between MP4 and MKV on the HandBrake Summary screen. he first one you’ll see after you choose a video to compress. After Choosing Just arrange the audios and subtitles according to your original video.

Step 5 – Then after selecting the formats in which you want to compress your video files then you just have to click on save changes and then you have to click start compressing in handbrake software. you can also drag and drop multiple videos in Handbrake and it will take a few minutes to finish the Compressing file. tHen you are ready, you can share with anyone or you can upload it with Hd quality. you can Select the Storage path where it will export after compressing the video.

These are the simple steps that you can use for compressing large video files into the medium. I hope this article helped you, if you got any query related to this, you can comment down. there is also much other software that can compress your video files into less size. But I personally used this and The Software is amazing for me.


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