How To Get Verified On Twitter

Twitter, co-founded by Biz Stone, Evan Williams, Noah Glass and Jack Dorsey, was launched in the year 2006. This social networking site was created so that people could share their views and opinions with a large audience at once.

Twitter uses messages or “tweets” that you can post on your Twitter profile. But each tweet can consist of a maximum of 140 characters. Twitter slowly gained more and more popularity everyday and now has millions of users all around the world.

Twitter not only allows us to post our own opinions but also share the thoughts and views of others. If the user wishes to, he or she can permanently save or “pin” the tweet on his or her profile. Twitter also allows you to share up to 4 images in a single tweet. The feature of tagging other people is also present on Twitter. You can tag up to 10 people in a photo without using up the character count of 140.

Animated gifs having gained wide popularity can also be added to the tweets. You can also advanced search on Twitter by filling in fields with options of your choice. While following several people on Twitter, we often miss out on some important tweets.

The social networking site offers us an amazing feature through which we can track the posts of a particular profile. All you have to do is visit the profile of the user and turn on their post notification to not miss a single post. This can also be turned off, if required. Twitter also allows you to download the tweets you want to.

How To Verify Twitter Account

How To Verify Twitter

The blue badge in an account lets people know that the Twitter account is verified. It helps people understand whether the account is authentic or not. The badge appears beside the username of the person in the person’s profile and in search results.

Twitter verification was a feature introduced in the year 2009. This feature is now not only available on Twitter, but also on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and others.

To get verified by Twitter, these steps are to be followed-

  1. Add any detail in your profile that was previously unfilled including profile picture, name, cover photo, and bio.
  2. Confirm your email address and add a phone number.
  3. Add your date of birth.
  4. Go to settings and make sure your tweets are set as “Public”.
  5. Apply for verification.
  6. A form will have to be filled out by you.

After you fill up this form, Twitter will either accept or reject it. If it is accepted, your account will become Twitter verified but if it is rejected, you can try again in a month. For security, it is better to reset your password after verification. Any information regarding the status of your application will be notified to you through your registered email account.

If required, Twitter can remove the verification any time without prior notice. It might be due to the following reasons-

  • For promoting violence or hate amongst people.
  • For harassing others.
  • For dangerous behaviour like threatening somebody.
  • For engaging in activities that violates the rules of Twitter.

In an age such as this where offenders and violators are increasing, and at often times celebrated by a section of the population, social media platforms are precise and unbiased with their policies.

Internet has become an enormously important part of our lives and to keep it protected and strict, the social medias are impartial and practical with their approach, which helps them not only to handle the offenders and hackers, but also to make it safer and enjoyable for the users.

If you want to follow your favourite celebrity or author on Twitter, the blue badge can help you figure out the original, verified account. It helps differentiate between the fake handles and the original one.

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