How To Remove Password From PDF

How To Remove Password From PDF

in today’s generation, businesses, workers use pdf or sending documents from one place to another. businessman just changed their work into a pdf and send them to people who needed it. So they just lock the pdf with password So no can check it. only a person can check it for whom its made for.

but here I got the solution if you don’t know how to open the pdf if it is password protected. Here I got a solution so you can access pdf file without inserting a password in pDf. some people just forget the password after protecting the pdf with password. now they don’t know how to reopen the file. But don’t worry here I got a proper solution to open a password protected pdf file. The information we are providing is just for educational purposes so try not to misuse it.

Here in this article, we will provide you effective methods to remove password protection from PDF file in case you find it locked and upon double-click, it is asking for a password to open it. The methods are very simple to use, but you need to have basic knowledge of computers in order to complete the task smoothly. If you don’t want any issue opening it just follow my steps to do open password-protected Pdf

Remove PDF Password by Using print Method

Step 1. Open any of your default web browsers and go to the “Download” section of the browser.

Step 2. Choose the PDF file which must be present in the Download section if you had downloaded it in the first place using the same browser and click on it to open the file.

Step 3. Now open the file and provide the password it requires. Click on the “Print” button on the PDF toolbar.

Step 4. Now from the new window that turns up, click the “Change” button under the Destination section, check the box “Save as PDF”. Finally, click on the “Save” button. You will be instantly asked to provide a file name and location to save the duplicate file of your Pdf on your computer.

Step 5. Provide the file name and the file location and your duplicate PDF file will be saved in the specified location.

How To Remove Password From PDF

Remove Password from PDF Using Online PDF Unlock Service

Sometimes, it is very hard to remove the PDF password using utilities and PDF password unlocker tools as they deny at times to unlock the password due to the password complications, rather you need to have certain knowledge regarding the software installation in order to install it. You can easily unlock the Password protected PDf with this method just follow it carefully. you can unlock the pdf just by uploading a file on website lets just discuss in detail.

Step 1. Go to the given link here:

Step 2. Once the Smallpdf website opens, look out for the section named “Unlock PDF”.

Step 3. Click on the “Unlock PDF” button and you will be redirected to another page where you can easily unlock the PDF file.

Step 4. You will get to see a button named “Drop PDF here- Choose File”. Click on the “Choose File” option to upload your locked PDF file from your computer to the website server.

Step 5. Once the file is uploaded, click on “Unlock PDF” to finally unlock the uploaded PDF file. You can now download the unlocked PDF file back to your computer so that you can access it without any password restrictions. boom, now your pdf file is free password protected. you can see your files without any problem.


Password protection to your PDF file is ok, but it is quite frustrating to enter a password every time you open it. So if you forgot the password your pdf file or you want to remove password from pdf you can simply remove by following these two methods.


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