How To Set Up Password on Your Android Phone 2020

How To Set Up password on your android Phone 2020

The screen lock is an important feature in Android, and keeping it secure is important for all Android users. Screen lock protects your personal data, Your documents or another important file. No one can see your android phone and Can not see your data.

There are different types of the password you can set on your computer Screen like Pattern, Pic, and Facelock. One of those basics is setting up lock-screen protection on your Android device, so you can be sure that your files are protected and you’re the only one who can access your phone.

This will help in keep unauthorized users off of your android device and it can help if your device is ever lost or stolen. Every time you turn on or wake up your device, it will ask you for your passcode or pattern before you can use the device.

Suppose if your android phone got lost or stolen then if your phone is password-free then he can see your all personal or important data or if it is password protected then he cannot see any of your data or personal information. If you don’t know how to set a pin or pattern lock on your android device. You can follow my steps then you will not face any issues.

How To Set Up password on your android Phone 2020

How to Set up lock On Android Device

There are a few steps by which you can easily set up a pattern or pin on your personal phone or android smartphone. Passcodes are very necessary nowadays. So always set up a password on your android device.

Step 1– The first thing you’ll Have to do is click on the Settings menu. You can do this by either pulling down the notification shade and selecting the Setting option or you can just tap the Settings icon in the app drawer.

Step 2- After reaching into your android settings, you need to find a Security option, After finding Open Security.

Step 3 – After clicking on the Security option, you will see an option Screen lock, then you have to just click on that.

Step 4 – After you can select any type of password you want to set on your home screen So that whenever you turn on your android have to enter the passcode. You will see these types of Screen lock

  • None: No lock screen security at all.
  • Swipe: It is Not really secure at all, this option unlocks the device just by swiping on the lock screen. Even a kid can unlock your smartphone by swiping to the right.
  • Pattern: it will help you to Unlocks the device by using a specific swipe pattern along with a series of nine dots. you can Draw any pattern on nine dots you remember.
  • PIN: Personal Identification Number. You know, like the one you have for your debit card. But don’t use the same one. you can set any 4 digit pin that you remember.
  • Password: Not your Google password, mind you, but one specific to the lock screen. This is the most secure way to unlock your device. you can use any keywords your name or anything that you remember and every time you need to enter that keyword to open your lock and for using it.

Step 5 – After selecting any type pf password Suppose you selected a pin password you have to type the same password two times to confirm and set up the password on an android device.

Step 6- After Confirming your Pin. you are now ready, you can check it by turning the phone off. Now Every time you have inserted the password before using it. It will help you protect your personal data

You can use this screen locks to protect your data and files. Screen lock is necessity nowadays, So we have to use it for our own protection. if you guys have any query related to this. you can comment down.


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