How To Track a Lost Android Phone

How To Track a Lost Android Phone

Android phone is a need of today generation. Now almost all the work is done through automation and the android phone is a part of automation. Cell phones play a great role in everyone’s life and everyone keeps their personal data on their phones.

if sometimes if anyone lost their android phone or it somehow got fallen from your pocket but you didn’t know that you lost your phone. So here I came up with different methods to find or to track a lost android phone in simple ways. It doesn’t matter if you have lost an Android or an iPhone the truth is that it can easily be tracked. Though, you would need the right tools to track it. When I lost my phone, I searched for some of the solutions to track lost cell phones. Let’s get started to know more about the lost phone tracker in detail.

As you know there is GPS in every android device we can find the android device through GPS also but there are also many other ways that we are gonna talk about today.

How to track alost andoid phone

Method 1 – Find my Device by Google

If you are using an android device you can take the help of this feature to track your android device. Find my device feature is developed by Google which helps android users to find their android phones remotely from anywhere. IF you don’t know how to use that then just simply follow my steps.

  • There is an application called Find my device, you can find it on your play store and you have to install it on your device or you can go to your android settings then just go to security and enable the feature of Find my device then you can easily track your android phone whenever it gets lots.
  • So whenever you want to track your lost android phone you just need to go to google find my device settings and you have just log in your account that is lined with your lost android phone.
  • Then you have to just select the device then find my device automatically track your android phone.
  • You can check the location of your device where it got lost and you can also ring, lock or wipe the device remotely.

Method 2 – Find my mobile my Samsung

if you are using a Samsung mobile then it’s easy to track your android phone with some simple steps. remember this method only work for Samsung devices, not for other android phones.It can easily help you to track down your Samsung phone remotely.

  • Firstly, You need to Go to your device’s Settings > Accounts and log-in to your Samsung Account. If you don’t have a Samsung account, then you can create a new one instead. login is very necessary for Samsung mobile, So you can find your phone whenever it gets lost.
  • To locate the phone all you have to do is just go to Find my Mobile website on any device. Log-in to the Samsung account that is linked to the target device.
  • Then you just have to Select your Samsung device from the dashboard and then you need to go to “Locate my Mobile” feature from the left panel.
  • Then here you can get all the information on your device, the exact location where the device got lost. It’s very easy to track an android device if you are using this feature on your android phone.

If you are not using this amazing feature of tracking down your cell phone, maybe you are making a mistake, if you ever lost your phone you never gonna find it so I suggest everyone have to use this feature to track android phone easily.


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