[Top 5] Best Instagram Tricks in 2020

After its introduction in the year 2010 by Mike Krieger along with co-founder, Kevin Systrom, Instagram quickly gained popularity amongst the elderly and the youth alike.

Its features being easy to use makes it even more appealing to one and all. With its original aim to help people to communicate with one another through images, many features have been slowly introduced which make the process smoother and a lot more fun.

After reviewing the various features, we have come up with 5 of the best tricks that Instagram has to offer.

5 Best Instagram Tricks

Instagram Tricks

1. Close Friends

We may have many followers online, but we may not want to share all the important moments of our life with them. Instagram provides us with the facility to select the viewers of our Stories.

This feature of Instagram was introduced in the year 2018. The feature can be used simply by creating a Close Friends List. To make the list, click on the Close Friends List on the side menu of your profile.

Instagram then will provide you with a list of your followers amongst whom you can choose the people whom you want to include in this exclusive list. Once the list is made, you can remove or add new followers to the list at any time.

2. Live Video

At often times we wish our friends and family to see what we are doing at the moment. Pictures do not seem enough and we want them to watch us at that particular moment like in a video call.

On Instagram, Live Video helps us share such moments with our followers. Your followers will be notified of the beginning of your video. They can join in and watch along with other of your followers and even post comments. Live videos can also be started with another person thus making online interviews or collaborations easier to share.

To start a Live Video you can either swipe right on your news feed or tap the camera icon on the top left of your screen. At the bottom of the screen, the live option appears. On clicking that you can start the video.

The viewers list will be present on the top of your screen and the comments at the bottom. Once the video ends, it will not be visible in the app unless you share its replay on your Story.

To make a video along with another person, you have to tap on the icon with two smiley faces and select the name of the person. If you want to join somebody else’s video, click on “request” and then tap on “send request”.

3. A Sneak Peak of Your Story

To make the Instagram story more appealing to the viewer, you can simply click a new picture or select any picture from your gallery by swiping up in Instagram Stories.

Click the pen icon on the top right corner of your screen and select a colour. Then tap and hold your screen for a few seconds and the screen will be fully coloured. After tapping the eraser symbol on the upper right corner of the screen, you can erase some part of the colour to partially reveal the picture. Tap on “Your Story” to share the result.

4 Adding Songs to Stories

Some moments often remind us of certain songs. Instagram has a feature which enables us to add songs to our Stories not only making them more attractive but also helping us share our emotion related to it.

The stickers icon on the Instagram Story will help you add the soundtrack you wish to insert. The music sticker opens a list of songs to choose from. You can preview the song and even start it at a suitable point. Click on “Your Story” button in the end to share the Story.

5. Your Collection

Often we come across posts on Instagram which we like and wish to save it so that it may be viewed on later occasions as well. Instagram has a feature which allows us to do this. At the bottom right of every post is a bookmark icon which helps us save the post. We can tap on the “Saved” option in our profile from the menu to see the saved posts.

Apart from these 5 features, several other tricks are available on Instagram. We can save our Stories so that they can be viewed from our profile even after 24 hours. We can also divide a large picture into parts and share them in order so that they join together to form the original picture making our profile much more appealing. Instagram even lets us edit the pictures of our friends and apply dark theme to our account.

With its long list of languages and amazing features that are constantly updated, Instagram has a wide number of users and the number is increasing everyday thus making it a successful social networking site.

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