How To Transfer WhatsApp From Android to iPhone

For a long time, we have been hearing android and apple. These two are operating systems upon which most of the smartphones are based. It has made a lot of work easier, nice and handy.

These two operating systems have worked as revolutionary technology updates. Nowadays, we don’t even think that much about this software but our lives and smartphones have been perfect just because of this software only.

Before going into the actual topic, first of all, let’s understand both terms, android, and iPhone.

What is Android?

Android is an operating system based on Linux and open-source software. It was introduced long ago but it gained popularity when smartphones were introduced. These operating systems worked hand in hand with the new launching smartphones in the market. Here, in this article, we are talking about Android-based mobile phones.

What is iPhone?

Apple inc, a great technology company, came up with the concept of iPhones back in 2007. Iphones were launched first in 2007. It was the first smartphone designed by Apple inc. Iphones were the first smartphone that came up with the idea of GRPS, GSM, and EDGE. These support data transfer. iPhone gained popularity in the market just because of these data transfer systems.

Now, we move towards the main topic of today’s discussion. Social media and these smartphones.

What is WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is quite familiar to all of us. A large social media platform that has over a billion active users. An app that is designed especially for the users. it has gained extreme popularity in the market with the evolution of smartphones. In the past 10 years,

WhatsApp has evolved. When smartphones entered the market, it was a kickstart for WhatsApp. People became more and more familiar with WhatsApp and other smartphones. Things worked hand in hand.

With the evolution of smartphones, users also evolved. Everyone wanted to be technology-friendly. So, people started experiencing different kinds of smartphones. Some of them loved android based smartphones while others decided to take a step further and move towards the iPhone. So, now we have both types of users, android based as well as iPhone based.

How To Transfer WhatsApp Android to iPhone

Now let us assume a situation. You are obsessed with different types of smartphones. Currently, you are using an android based smartphone. It has been working perfectly, you can access every social media with ease. Suddenly, your phone breaks down during a security update. You decided to go for a new smartphone.

But, this time you decide to go for the iPhone instead of any other smartphone. You are transferring your data from one phone to another, but you don’t know how you can transfer your WhatsApp data. You are confused. In this article, you will find a solution to this problem as we will see how to transfer your WhatsApp account from Android to iPhone.

There are several steps to transfer your Whatsapp account from android to iPhone. Let’s see each way.

Using transfer apps

On the play store, you will find a huge number of apps that will help you transfer your WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. It comprises simple and basic steps that can help you to transfer your WhatsApp account from android to iPhone.

Through software on your pc

There are several software which once installed on your pc, can easily help you to transfer your WhatsApp account from android to iPhone. All you need to do is just follow several steps. Once you install the software, you need to connect your phone to your pc. Once your pc will detect your phone, it will transfer all your data from your previous WhatsApp to the new one. This is a really easy and simple way to transfer your WhatsApp account from android to smartphone.

Transferring through email chat

While transferring from Android to iPhone. Whatsapp helps us to solve this problem on its own. Whatsapp has a unique feature through which we can transfer our message from android to iPhones in just one go. This process may or may not work for everyone as some chats may be missing. Nevertheless, we will see the steps to transfer messages through email chat.

  1. open Whatsapp
  2. Go to the conversation which you want to save
  3. On the right topmost corner of the chat, click on the three dots.
  4. Select the option ‘Email Conversation’
  5. Then you will be asked whether to include media or not.
  6. You may not be able to send the whole chat as the limit of Gmail is 20 MB.
  7. Mail the chat to yourself and you are done

In this way, you can have the chat but it will not be able in an original way, as it is in WhatsApp. But, you can download it and read it whenever you feel like.

So here are the few ways through which you can transfer your Whatsapp account from android to iPhone.

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