How To Block or Unblock Someone on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Block Unblock

WhatsApp is one of the most used social media platforms. For more than 10 years WhatsApp has been the most prominent platform for conversations, sharing files, photos, and media. WhatsApp has been a great app, it is user-friendly, convenient to use and perfect for conversations. WhatsApp has many pros and cons. 

While talking about the pros, WhatsApp has advertisement-free service, fast communication strategies, status updates, group chats, and the most important encrypted service. End to end encryption provides really strong security for every WhatsApp user. With every good thing, there come the cons. WhatsApp has a few disadvantages.

It is only available for Android users, so it will be accessible to everyone. Moreover, it has a great threat to cybersecurity. People’s personal information can be mishandled when it comes into the hands of the wrong person. So to avoid these, we must take the necessary precautions. 

Recently several accounts have been hacked and disabled on WhatsApp, making a much better place for genuine users and removing toxicity and inappropriate users from WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp Block Unblock

WhatsApp has quite several features

  1. WhatsApp gives us privacy options. We can decide who can view our status or our profile pics. 
  2. It provides video calls at zero cost. Video calling brings people together. It brings in a feeling of being homely and close. 
  3. Audio calls. WhatsApp provides free end to end HD quality voice calls. What could be better than this? One platform that is home for all things. 
  4. Group chats. WhatsApp provides a feature in which we can create a group chat consisting of up to 50 members. 
  5. The blocking and unblocking feature of WhatsApp. 

In this article, we will mainly talk about the blocking and unblocking features of WhatsApp. Often there are circumstances that we are just stuck in an unwanted conversation. Or when you fight with your girlfriend, here comes the blocking feature of WhatsApp in handy. 

How To Block Someone on Facebook

Blocking is a feature of WhatsApp where you can restrict anyone from your WhatsApp. When you block anyone, a person won’t be able to send any messages. You will be free of that annoying person all that once. Blocking a person will not stop messages, but it has quite a few features. 

  1. That person won’t see your profile pic. 
  2. That person won’t be able to see your status update
  3. You won’t get to see or interact with that user. 

You will be able to restrict that person from your digital life completely. Blocking a person can be a huge relief to you. You will get all of your personal space. Nowadays, girls get a lot of spam messages from inappropriate users. This is one situation where blocking comes to rescue. Blocking is a boon in WhatsApp, especially for users who are annoyed by spam messages on WhatsApp. So, to block someone here lies a few steps

  1. Open the chat of the person who you want to block. 
  2. Click on 3 dots on the right topmost corner of the chat. 
  3. Click on more
  4. Select block
  5. You will see three options, report, and block, block and cancel. (When you report and block – the entire chat gets deleted and the person gets blocked. When you block, only the person gets blocked, the chat is not deleted) 
  6. Select the appropriate option for you. 

And there you have successfully blocked the person. 

How To Unblock Someone on Facebook

When there is blocking, there lies another significant feature of WhatsApp that is unblocking. It is not that once you block a person, you won’t be able to unblock him or her. WhatsApp has a solution for everything. Let us assume a situation. You got angry at your friend during a conversation.

So you blocked him. After a while, you realize that you were wrong and blocking your friend was not the right option. In this type of situation unblocking, the feature comes in handy. Here I will show you a few steps on how to unblock someone. 

There are two options to unblock anyone. 

1st option:

  1. Open the chat of the person who you want to unblock. 
  2. Click on the 3 dots on the right topmost corner of the chat. 
  3. Click on more
  4. Select the unblock option. 

In this way, we can unblock a person. 

2nd option:

  1. Open your WhatsApp
  2. Click on the 3 dots on the right topmost corner of the chat. 
  3. Click on settings. 
  4. Click on accounts. 
  5. Click on privacy
  6. Scroll down and then you will find ‘Blocked Contacts’. 
  7. Select any person who you want to unblock. 
  8. Click on unblock. 

This is the 2nd way in which you can unblock anyone. Both ways can come handy when in need. 

Blocking and unblocking are really simple but really important features in WhatsApp. It is really important for privacy concerns. It provides an even better place for our privacy. These simple features help and make WhatsApp an even better social media platform. 

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